Harrison Jnr: The Photoshop Boy

Photography no doubt has always been dynamic and is one of the most beautiful and leading means through which emotions and art are been expressed. It suffices to say that in today’s world one of the loudest speakers we have is ‘photography’ as it is used in NEWS, memes, social gatherings, schools, religious gatherings, the streets and of course our social media. A young Nigerian I like to call an icon has used one very sophisticated tool of photography to make a place for himself in our world. Because of his efficiency, he’s been recognized by Adobe Photoshop itself. Today, Slingshot had the honor of chatting with this photoshop guru. I present to you, Harrison.

The Photoshop Boy

Slingshot: Good day sir.
Harrison: Good afternoon sir.

Slingshot: I’d like to thank you for giving us the audience. So let’s get started sir. Please tell us about yourself.
Harrison: my name is John Fredrick Harrison, I am from Cross-river state, Nigeria.

Slingshot: Thank you, please what do you do for a living?
Harrison: I’m a student and also a forex trader.

Slingshot: But that’s not what you are popularly known for on twitter.
Harrison: I’m also a graphic designer and a web designer.

Slingshot: That’s a lot of talent in one person.
Harrison: Thanks, I still feel I can do more.

Slingshot: Speaking of your career as a graphic designer, your exploit in Photoshop has been recognized by Adobe Photoshop itself. How did your journey in graphic design and photo manipulation start?Harrison: Since I was a kid, I loved drawing and painting super heroes. (takes a breath) I desired to make these drawings more real, I desire that these drawings and paintings become better and more beautiful than they were at the time and somehow I discovered Marvel and DC series. Then I realized that my dream could finally come to life. All through this period my dad supported me, as he always buys me crayons, and as simple as that is, it helped keep my dream alive. I discovered AdobePhotoshop in 2013, when I was in Junior Secondary School but I learnt how to use it in the year 2018.

Slingshot: Was your Photoshop skill self-taught or you had a tutor?
Harrison: I had a teacher, he taught me and some other guys together. The teacher taught us how to use the basic tools. But I went deeper into digital painting on my own.

Slingshot: How did you draw the attention of Adobe Photoshop to earn their recognition?
Harrison: remember I mentioned that I earlier said I loved drawing and painting super heroes, I didn’t give that up, and when I started to gain mastery of Photoshop editing tools I started doing what is called “Photoshop trolling”. This was aimed at making people laugh and nothing personal. So, I just did what I did and they noticed.

Slingshot: what impact has it had on your business?
Harrison: I’m glad you asked. The recognition widened my scope, as a result I do photo manipulations as frequent as once in two days for different people all over Africa, and the world (laughs) even though that came once. In addition to that, brands meet me to help advertise and run campaigns for them because of the audience that I can bring to them.

Slingshot: this is like saying it added “twitter influencer” to the bulk of your occupation?
Harrison; (laughs) that’s right. (jokingly) “hear it world, I’m a twitter influencer.”

Slingshot: has this affected your academics in any way? By the way, what’s your field of study?

Harrison: I study computer science and my graphic designing does not affect my academics, especially not negatively.

Slingshot: when you graduate what quadrant do you think you will fall in the business world?
Harrison: first, an employee then an employer. Because I believe there’s a lot for me to learn from others before I can conveniently stand on my own.

Slingshot: That’s great, I wish you the best in your endeavors.
Harrison: Thanks, I appreciate.

Harrison’s determination and diligence brought him recognition from one of the world’s largest photography editing firm. You too can like Harrison pick up you’re your pencil and crayon in whatever field of life you desire to gain relevance and who knows who’d be mentioning your name in the nearest future.Below are some of Harrison’s works.


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