Polaroid Originals Unveils Polaroid Now Camera After Reclaiming The Name

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Do you remember the camera used by Kevin in the 1990 movie Home Alone

Well it’s called a Polaroid (which is also the name of the company that makes it) and its back.

The polaroid is an Instant Film Camera. It uses self-developing film to create a chemically developed print shortly after taking the picture. Polaroid Corporation pioneered (and patented) consumer-friendly instant cameras and film.

12 years after hitting the scene, and 3 years after rebranding to Polaroid Originals, The Impossible Project has completed its metamorphosis. As of today, Polaroid Originals is reclaiming the original “Polaroid” name, and celebrating this milestone with a new camera: the Polaroid Now.

When the Polaroid’s holding corporation PLR IP Holdings, LLC was acquired by Polish investor Oskar Smołokowski, who also happened to be the CEO of The Impossible project a merger was formed between The Polaroid brand and Impossible Project which began in 2017

A few months later, Impossible re-launched as Polaroid Originals, released the OneStep 2 camera, debuted a new type of battery-free “i-Type” instant film, and became the analog instant photography branch of the company.

The Polaroid Now

Polaroid has debuted a new-and-improved instant camera called the Polaroid Now. The redesigned camera features a newly developed autofocus lens system, better battery life, an ambient light sensor that adjusts flash power, and a ‘better’ design that favors rounded corners over hard edges.available in white, black, and, for a limited time, green, blue, yellow, red, and orange as well.

Polaroid doesn’t say much about the autofocus lens system except that it “automatically switches between distance and portrait formats.” As for the improved battery life, the new camera can supposedly shoot 15 full packs of film—about $240 worth—on a single charge.

Like the Polaroid OneStep+ and OneStep 2 before it, the Polaroid Now uses i-Type film, which is also getting a small update with this release. You’ll be able to pick up ‘Color Wave’ and ‘Black Frame’ versions of the Color i-Type film, which look something like this:

The special edition Color Wave film will produce frames with “a host of hues, from moody blues to warming orange and red frames.” You can see some sample images below:

The Polaroid Now camera is available to purchase today for $100 on Polaroid.com, where you’ll also find the new Color Wave and Black Frame i-Type film for $17 per pack of 8 exposures. The company wants you to note that “shipping of Polaroid products may currently be delayed,” but assures that stores that stock Polaroid products in the USA already have their shipments ready to go.

To know more visit the official website of the company Polaroid.com.


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