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Be happy for your camera is here

A lot of people want to venture into photography but are put off by the fact that the start up capital is relatively expensive. In this article I will give you tips on how to go from not owning a camera to owning one in less than two years.

First of all, I want you to know that nothing good comes easy and that Rome was not built in a day, for this tips to work for you have to be dedicated and be a hustler (legit hustle), with that said lets get into it.

The first thing you will need is a mentor, more or less an oga(boss), if you don’t know how to use a camera, good for you, but if you already know how to use a camera, but you didn’t learn from someone or your boss is not close to you in terms of proximity, get a new boss.

For the newbies in photography, get someone and tender your application to learn under such person, now, this is where the tip comes in for you, you don’t to meet a well established photographer to tutor you, you need someone who has a camera and knows the job pretty well, a lone ranger in the business, because you don’t have the money to pay for tuition, so meeting a lone ranger to teach you means you will help me around when ever he is on location carrying his equipment, carrying light etc, this way both you and your tutor will gain, he teaches you and you help him.

For those who have a knowledge about photography, you can offer your services for little or no pay to your new oga, he is not teaching you anything, you are working for him.

Another very important thing you need to do is to become friends with photographers, become friends with a lot of them, even if you are the competitive type, basically you will soon realize that although  photography is highly competitive, it is not a hostile competition.

What you stand to gain with all this connections is the fact that whenever you have a job of your own, you can easily ask your boss or your photographer friends, and they will lend you their equipment free of charge. Although the gave it to you free of charge, it will be nice of you to actually ‘drop something’ when you return it, and always return their equipment in good condition.

The next step is to get a loan, wow, loan for a start up?! Yes, get a loan. But as before you can get a loan you must have gotten up to half of the money you need, and how did you get that money, by saving your income whenever you borrow equipment to do the job you landed.

Now the thing about this loan is that, you should never under any circumstance get a loan from a financial institution, but rather you get a loan from family and friend, getting a loan from financial institution at this stage of your business is like sowing the seed of destruction.

Although you are getting it from family or friends, you might assume that it should be a grant, but my brother/sister, times are hard, so therefore they will only give you if you assure them you pay back, it will be a good idea to tell them how and when you intend to pay back.

Now this is where Jiji comes in, yes, Jiji, the website where sellers meet buyers to mostly sell used products, the truth is you don’t have enough money, you cant afford a new camera, so you go for a used camera (second hand).

And that’s it in less than two years you get yourself your first camera, you can still keep borrowing other equipment like light, stand, soft-box etc. pending the time you will save up to but yours.

This was what I did when my camera spoilt beyond repair in October 2017, and by July 2018 i got another.

The story of how my camera spoilt will be posted soon, so you wont make the same mistakes I made.

Thanks for reading, drop your thoghts and questions in the comment section. Hope to hear from you 😉 🙂


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