Nikon’s “Tanken Camera” prototype designed for shooting insects

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Nikon has made a prototype camera for kids called “Exploration Camera” designed for shooting insects. Although it has not yet been decided whether it’s going to be a real product

Parents and children around the “Tanken Camera” exhibited by Nikon at the Maker Faire Tokyo 2019, a manufacturing festival that can be enjoyed by adults and children, held at Tokyo Big Sight on August 3rd and 4th.

“I haven’t decided to commercialize it, but I tried to make a prototype of what this camera is like,” says Teppei Okuyama of the Nikon design center Life Imaging Lab.

Life Imaging Lab is a team that was just launched in April this year, and 6 people gathered from various departments such as design, marketing etc. The Tanken camera was created by sharing ideas and ideas that were freed from daily work. The concept is “a camera that makes fun of bugs fun”. Although it is a prototype, it is Nikon that has finished so far.

Although detailed specs have not been disclosed, four LED lights are mounted around the lens at the end of the tube, so you can see the inside by shining brightly even if you look through the hole. You can enjoy close-ups of subjects such as insects and flowers from various angles with curiosity.

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