Why Use a DSLR Camera When I Have My Phone

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Most people often brag about the quality of their phone camera, in fact they often hit on photographers who hope to make a few bucks at an events, but the question is, are Phones and DSLR Camera mates 😉 well, I believe you will have your answer when read through to the end. I will like to start with some of the advantages a phone has over a DSLR camera, some of which includes:

  • Mobile

As the name implies, mobile phones are easier to carry about compare to a DSLR Camera, on an average, a DSLR Camera weighs five times a mobile phone. I bet you have a mobile phone in your pocket everywhere you go, and most times you even forget its there, but as far as a DSLR Camera is concern, you can’t have it on you and forget you have such thing on you. Also, due to the fact that a mobile phone is light weight, one easily capture moments as they occur, especially with the selfie feature that it has which of course is not included in a DSLR Camera.

  • Easy to use

As far as taking pictures with a mobile phone is concern, there is no need for ‘an education’ before you can take a photograph, every picture is just a tap away, unlike a DSLR camera where you need at least a rudimentary knowledge of how it works, then you have to go ahead and understand the triangle of photography, overwhelming right? Yea, I know. But please don’t get me wrong, photography with DSLR camera is easy, but much more easier with a mobile phone.

  • Stealth mode

Have you ever taken a picture and the person you took was not aware, despite the fact that you were close to such person (unaware pics, 😉 That is another cool advantage of photography with a mobile phone, you do not have such luxury as far as a DSLR Camera is concern, you cant be up close and take a picture of an individual without the person or other people around knowing you are about to take a picture.

  • Cheaper

It is way cheaper to own a mobile phone than to own a DSLR Camera, to get a good phone you need at most forty thousand naira but to get a good DSLR camera you need at least a hundred and twenty thousand naira. A ratio of 3:1, meaning on an average, you need the cost of three good phones to get a ‘small’ DSLR Camera. Hmm

  • Multipurpose

Taking pictures actually is just a secondary use of a mobile phone, mobile phones can do more than just take a photographs, mobile phones can be use to make a phone call, chat, listen to music, use to find direction, use as an aid to education, basically mobile phones have multiple purposes, unlike the DSLR Cameras that are monotonous in nature.

The last advantage of mobile phone leads to the GRAND advantage of a DSLR Camera. Unlike the mobile phone that is built for a lot of things, a DSLR Camera is built for just photography. Its just like a secondary school graduate who is a science student and a graduate of medicine. One has the higher chances of getting a prestigious job with higher pay, why, because the medical doctor is a specialist in a field.

Same with DSLR camera, is equipped with more techs designed mainly to take just pictures, some of the advantages of DSLR Camera includes the following:

  • Picture Quality

DSLR camera picture qualities are way much more higher than that of a mobile phone, under any and all circumstances. One of the test of the quality is zooming in on the pictures and printing large format. When ever you zoom in on a photograph taken with a phone, the details are easily lost unlike zooming in on a picture taken with a DSLR.

Also DSLR Camera offers you details that aids editing, also its more fun to edit a picture taken with a DSLR Camera compared to one taken with a mobile phone.

  • Storage

Since a DSLR Camera is built only for photograph, then the storage space only takes in photographs unlike the mobile phone that takes in pictures, music and other things, as such easily loosing memory space.

  • Better control over external things

With a DSLR Camera the settings allow one to have control over external factors like the light, motion and depth of field.

Unlike taking a snapshot with a phone where too much light will make the picture over exposed, when the object is in motion, the image becomes blurry and taking a picture and the whole picture is in focus and not knowing which part of the image is the center of attraction, all these problems are easily solved with a DSLR Camera

  • Variety of lens to choose from

It is said that variety is the spice of life, DSLR Camera gives you the choice to chose between a variety of lenses depending on the type of photography you want to explore, different lenses ranging from wide angle lens, telephoto lens, prime lens etc. And that is why people who engage in photography like portrait photography, landscape photography, wildlife photography etc makes use of different lenses for different purposes.

I can’t imagine you trying to use a mobile phone to take a picture of lion in the wild, hmm, you won’t dare, only DSLR camera (and also mirror-less camera) gives you that luxury. Although mobile phone have lens now, but not like a DSLR camera.

  • Makes you look professional and gives prestige

If you are doing photography for business and not just fun, and you intend to have clients ranging from models to events, then you need a DSLR, this is because no one will take a ‘professional photographer’ who only has a phone serious.

But the truth is having a DSLR Camera is not enough to be a professional, it only makes you look professional, you need to know what you are doing.

After all that has being said, we now know that mobile phones and DSLR Cameras have their own advantages. This is my advice if you take pictures just for fun, you can stick to your mobile phone, after all a lot of great photographs have been taken with a mobile phone, but if you are hoping to take your photography to the next level, get a DSLR camera.

Thanks for reading, kindly drop your thoughts and questions in the comment section. 🙂


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