He Received A Brand New Canon 5d Mark iii From An Instagram Follower

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After being without a camera since December 2019, a photographer who goes by Mo received a brand new Canon 5d mark iii from an Instagram follower.

He took to his twitter page to announce it posting the picture with the caption:


I’ve been without a Camera since December of 2019, Today, I received a Brand new Canon 5D Mark iii as a gift from one of my Instagram followera.


The truth is, his good deeds made way for him.

According to his bio on Tweeter he helps nonprofits create awareness, raise funds, bring IMPACT to vulnerable communities through storytelling.

One of His Good Works

https://sterling.ng/On fifth of August 2019, he replied a Sterling Bank Sco pa tu manaa? tweet with a retweet stating how if he had 500 000 naira, he would have a bore hole drilled for a local community.

He received a reply that with 500 retweets it is a done deal (He had over 12 000 retweets🤗)

This is one of the many ways he has impacted the society.

The gift he got shows that no good work goes unrewarded.

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