Free Access to Creative Cloud Apps Amid Coronavirus Closures

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Due to several requests, Adobe announced that it will be providing free at-home access to Creative Cloud apps to those students who had access on campus. Amid the virus outbreak on the planet, this is one of the way the company is trying to ensure that learning doesn’t stop.

“With many schools facing physical campus closures and moving to online learning due to COVID-19, we’re announcing that we’re giving greater access to Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps to facilitate distance learning,” reads the announcement. “We believe that doing so will make it possible to keep coursework, teamwork, and student progress on track through at-home access to Creative Cloud for students and educators.”

Higher education and K-12 institutions that pay for on-campus access for their students simply need to request “temporary ‘at-home’ access” through this link. Once verified, access will be granted, free of charge, through May 31st, 2020.

Free Access to Creative Cloud Apps Amid Coronavirus Closures

“As our education customers work to ensure both safety and learning continuity in their communities, it is our goal to help them with the tools they need to move through these uncertain times,” continues the post. “Our commitment to do so in a seamless way continues to be unwavering.”

“Adobe is a big company, but in my experiences with them they’ve always shown support in areas of community good. From helping out senior citizens on projects I’ve come up with, to supporting initiatives in teaching young students in Laos Southeast Asia – there’s never been a time where their response hasn’t been one of wanting to help,” says Concepcion.

To know more about this program and some of the other ways Adobe is trying to minimize the creative disruption caused by the virus, visit the Adobe Blog or the Adobe Support site.

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