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MayorofUyo made a twitter thread on Composition in Photography. And I feel it a good thing for me to bring it to you. Enjoy and learn as you read through.

Let’s talk about composition.

To me, composition is simply the ability to arrange the elements in the picture in a way that is pleasing to the eyes while telling the story properly.

Knowing what to include and what to crop out while framing your images is key. There are various techniques/tips on composition when applied individually or together will help you create some impactful images. I will be sharing these tips in the remainder of this thread. 

1. Horizontal lines.

Some of us are unable to hold the camera properly and therefore most pictures they take isn’t balance. They always hope to crop it properly in photoshop. But there’s a problem with this. 

Once you use the crop tool and shift the image, you distort the bit maps. And the image may not come out well especially if you’re considering print. But there’s a way to fix that while photographing.

Use the camera digital level, it’s on most DSLR. Find the picture below

2. Rule of Thirds

You ability to divide the view finder of your camera into vertical and horizontal thirds.
Try not to put your subject in the middle of the frame. Always try to arrange your subject of interest along those lines.

For me the best place to put your subject of interest is where those lines intersect.
It’s a beautiful place to start your composition. 

And you may ask, which of the thirds is best. I will suggest you give room to where your subject is looking at or moving towards.
This is very important 

3. Framing

This is your ability to decide which element in the picture should be closer and which one should be farther away. This works really well for landscape photography as it gives depth to your images. 

You have to know the role foreground and mid ground plays in landscape photography and apply it when framing your shots. 

4. Fill the frame.

Sometimes you have to shoot real close up images and fill your frame with the subject of interest.
Don’t always try to fit in everything in your frame. 

5. Leading lines.

Leading lines refers to a technique of composition where the viewer of your photos attention is drawn to lines that lead to the main subject of the image.

Thanks reading, tell me your thoughts on composition in the comment section

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