Apple To Realease Portless And Wireless Iphone

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Just as Apple removed headphone jacks from its IPhone, starting with the iPhone 7 in 2016 they are planning to go a step further by removing the charging port.

According to new reports, there’s a new iPhone which is due to be out in 2021. This iPhone is said to be totally portless, eliminating any kind of physical connection such as a charging cable.

This was leaked in a tweet by 9techeleven, what the initial leak was base on were the series of design and specs for the iPhone 12 (initially leaked by Jon Prosser) untill and individual tweeted in response to the iPhone 12 leak

“I am hoping Usb-c charger”

Of which he got a reply that:

“Leaks say that Apple plans to go port-less in the next years. Meaning moving from lightning port to completely wireless charging.”

This was affirmed by Jon Prosser:

“☝️ yep.

One portless iPhone coming next year.

Never USB-C. Eventually, they’ll all be portless.

Although he had tweeted about it before now

Just so you know, Jon Prosser leaked the release date and prices of the IPhone SE and it was accurate

His leaks has never been wrong and I doubt if it is this time on the portless iPhone.


  1. Evolution at it’s peak….. Very soon they won’t produce phones again, they will just implant the sim in your palm and gbam you can do anything from there …… Calls, videos, browsing all controlled by your palm….

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