Apple makes it easier to unlock your iPhone since everyone wears face masks now

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Apple recently released beta iPhone software on. This software makes it easier to unlock one’s iPhone without using Face ID and while wearing a mask.

Before the release of the software, people wearing a mask, need to lift their mask to unlock their iPhone with Face ID. Else, there is this little but annoying delay between when the phone figures it can’t see the face and when it presents the screen for the user to enter a passcode. Fact is one can simply turn off Face ID, but doing this make you loose the ease and comfort of unlocking your phone with the Face ID while at home.

This brings about the new iOS 13.5 beta code.

In the new iOS 13.5 beta 3 code, which was released to developers for testing, Apple simplifies the unlock process for people wearing masks by bringing the passcode field to the main screen. All you need to do is swipe up if you’re wearing a mask, and you’ll skip the Face ID display and enter in a code instead.

That means you’ll be able to get to unlock your phone easier while doing things like mobile payments instead of fumbling with your mask or waiting for a passcode screen to pop up.

Since this is still a beta, it may be a few more weeks until a final version launches with the feature enabled.

The new beta also includes the first release of new software from Apple that will make it easier to build apps to notify people if they’ve been near somebody with Covid-19.

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